On This Night of All Nights...

                 Words could not express the utter awe and fear that befell upon me when the news of my comrade’s discovery came to light on that fateful day so long ago.  Such a sight could not have been the grand design of the fleshy, mortal, hands of humanity.  But by some chance, if what my colleague’s eyes had laid sight on had been the creation of man, then the mind that directed such servants must have originated in places the normal mind dare not tread.  As this night draws to a close, this night when spirits take leave of their dark and stifled soil, and when creatures of maligned intent scour the darkened streets, my heart travels back to one of so many  poor individuals that plague my life, and the foul fruits of his efforts

                The old man took me along the winding path. He was a grizzled sort, the kind who lived out here because he had too, because too many people in town knew certain things about him.  It didn’t matter to me as long as he took me to the right spot.  Still, out here in the middle of nowhere along rows of dense wood and unmanned acre I truly didn’t know what to expect.

                “Just right along this way.”  He grumbled before pointing to a rock.  “Watch out now, don’t want to roll back down to where we started eh?”

                “I suppose not.”  I answered, trying to match my feet to his.  “How much further anyway?  It seems like we’ve been at this for hours.”

                “Just a little longer, you can just about make her out over the tree line.”  The guide motioned with his hand.

                My eyes strained looking past the ancient trees. Up and over the green leaves large vertical protrusions jutted lines of rock that seemed to match the crashing waves of the long distant sea.  Intrigued but no less perturbed by my guide’s subterfuge I continued in hopes that his surprise would be worth my while.  Still, I grew annoyed with my guide’s inhuman stamina.  It seemed like he could hike like this for days on end without so much as breaking a sweat.  I on the other hand, had morphed into a near dehydrated, sausage red, monstrosity, assailed by the humidity and sun. 

                “Now tell me again how did you find this wonder of nature?”  I managed to huff.  The exertion of the uphill trek was taking its toll.

                “Few weeks back.  The townies thought I was just being me own drunk self.  Took some wheelin’ and dealin’ but I knew I had to get a man like you out there.”

                I turned back to the rocks in the distance.  Just next to the downward crags of rock a new set had appeared.  Parallel yet opposite the rocks seemed to form two hands grasping into the waves in the mountainside.  Curiosity overrode my fatigue and I followed along at a quicker pace. 

                Before long, higher we moved past the curtain of trees that kept this secret so inveigled and kept from sober minds.  At last we stopped a circular clearing, my guide said nothing instead he gave a winded groan and planted himself on a nearby stump, flask of whisky now in hand.  For me it no longer mattered as my eyes met that of a titan’s. 

                She was hideous, ghastly, a gargantuan visage that looked down on me with unblinking eyes.  Her alien gaze looked deep inside me, the lips of her small mouth pursed in silent judgment.   Past the distorted and warped face I stared in awe at the face of alien beauty.  It was only when I heard my guide’s voice I had remembered I was not alone.

                “You like her?  I call her Barb.  Sometimes when I get drunk I like to have it out with her.” 

                I stared at the rock for what seemed like hours trying to discern her makers.  Those diligent sculptors of a distant bygone age were lost into the ethers of time.  I could not fathom the reason or the cause for such a sight to stare down in condemnation of the little men below her.  All I knew for sure was that this was love at first sight.