The music rose to a near deafening volume even in the private room that hopefully would occupy most of my time.  I did my best to ignore it and focused my attention to the stripper in front of me.  She sauntered closer until I could feel her body heat radiating onto me.  In arm’s length she outstretched a slender limb.  Her hand began caressing against the flesh of my cheek then sliding down my neck to the lapels of my suit before stopping at my shoulder.  I gasped, but not at the sight of an almost nude woman with raven locks and tanned skin standing before me.  My mind launched backwards to just a day prior.

            I remember violent eyes in the dark.  Two thick arms shot out, one latching like a viper with steel jaws into the shirt fabric over my shoulder.  Force took over, shooting me back against a brick wall causing a groan to fire out of my lips. 

            She had pushed me back against the posh leather of the couch.  Both arms were laced across my shoulders with her hands rushing to my scalp, fingers rifling with abandon through my hair. She disengaged.  The stripper arched her back to look down on me.  A crimson grin widened across her face, displaying a set of perfect teeth.  There was a hungry look about her.

            Somehow he managed to hover over me in pure dominance.  Already taller than me, he’s become a towering juggernaut.  There’s a look about him, passed the violence, through the simple intent of murder.  The flashing gleam of dull light I see across his broken teeth hint at a malign sense of cruelty.  A desire to satiate a gluttonous and foul need.  Dirty fingers attached to yellow nails reached out and clasped the bottom of my chin.

            I felt her slender hand cup my face, her eye flashed with a desire passed artificial eroticism.  She pulled me forward and she moved closer.  Shifting her weight, a naked leg moved upward against the outer area of my thigh.  Her hand moved, pushing me slightly to the side.  A roll of cold sweat trickled down my temple as my mind fought against the internal static in its struggle to stay in the present.

            There was a jerking motion, his arm swung in a haymaker.  I felt his fist crash against my temple causing me to stagger and feel my balance shatter.  I toppled and felt the world turn upside down as I crashed to the filthy cement. 

            She pushed me off to the side, forcing me stare into the neon lights pumping to a trashy techno beat.  I felt her weight position itself over me in an act I was sure went against the set of regulated acts of simulated sex.  There she was on top, mounted over me in choking submission.

            I gasped for air through a mouthful of blood.  I knew he wasn’t done yet.  Standing what seemed like a hundred feet over me, he dropped square onto my chest with the force of a meteor crashing into the Earth.  I spewed blood in a series of pathetic coughs.  I looked up at him.  That ravenous smile